Install Tor Browser at your devise

Versus market tor

Tor browser is a universal tool that gives you access to information is considered illegal for one reason or another. Such platforms as the Versus market would not have been able to exist without Tor browser. All because of the Thor provides anonymity to both users and creators of the prohibited sites. In addition, you will be able to visit sites that are blocked in your country simply by installing one browser.

To install the Tor browser on different operation systems  you need an approach, the main options will be in this release.

Installing tor on a PC

The easiest way to install the Tor on a PC is to go to this site – download the Tor for your OS, install it. Ready, you can now navigate the “.onion” domains freely.

install tor

Installing tor on an android

 Installing the Tor on the android is also very easy, we download from the play market 2 applications and we can use the Tor.

♦ Download apps (“orfox” and “orbot”) from the play market.

♦Press onion to light up yellow.

♦ Pass into “orfox” and follow the .onion link.

Installing tor for IOS

 In order to get into the Tor from IOS device, you need to download the app “Onion Browser” from the App Store. Entering into the app, presing “Connect to Tor”, ready, start using.


Our guide is over, will be happy if these instructions help you in mastering Tor browser.