Frequently Asked Questions - Versus Market 2020

Versus market faq

How to replenish the balance of your account?

First of all, on the account balance page, generate a new address for one of the wallets you want to top up (BTC, LTC, XMR). Next, exchange your money for
cryptocurrency using special exchanges or exchangers. Transfer the cryptocurrency to the Versus Market url that you generated. Funds will be credited to your account after 2 confirmations of the transaction (to expedite the transaction, set a high commission).

What is mnemonic for?

Mnemonic is a collection of words that you must remember. These words confirm that you are the true owner of the account. For example, if you forgot the pin or the password from the Versus Market account, then you can reset them. To do this, you need to contact support and submitting the mnemonic of your account to the administration.

How to make an announcement without escrow?

In order to be able to place ads without escrow, it will take a long time to prove your reliability and increase your reputation on the Versus Market. In the end, you will become FE provider and be able to display ads without escrow.

How to become an FE supplier?

The supplier can apply for FE as soon as his supplier level reaches 5. The criterion for the fifth level is a minimum of 200 sales, with a volume of at least $ 25,000 and 90% of positive feedback.

How to leave a review on the product I purchased?

Leave a comment under the goods can only those users who have already purchased them. Upon completion of the transaction, you will have 30 days to leave a detailed review of your purchase.

What to do if the seller deceived me?

Create a request to the support service and explain your situation, the administration will check the information provided and make a decision in favor of one of the parties.

How can I become a seller on Versus Market onion?

To get started, read the rules of trading on the market, you can find the necessary information on this page “BECOME A VENDOR“. If you violate one of the clauses of the contract, then the supplier’s account may be blocked without a refund. Suppliers must configure 2-fa protection on their account. The supplier’s office is a paid service of the market, so before opening it, make sure that you have the right amount on the balance sheet.

How to add PGP key to your account?

The key is added on the settings page of your account in the appropriate input fields – my info.

Why do links stop working when I start using the site?

The fact is that Versus Market official is the largest market in terms of the number of customers. In this regard, market competitors are trying to impede the site using ddos attacks, so that users switch to their resources. In order to counteract this, the administration is constantly updating the Versus Market link list (a relevant link can always be found on our website).