Dark web sites


Many have heard that sites that we can access using browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox make upi a small part of the Internet, onli 5-6%. The rest of the Internet is hidden from users, and in order to get access to it, it is necessary to use special software. In this article will parse wate is dark web and provide a list of sites with valid links to them.

What dark web is?

Experts estimate that dark web is about 500 times large than visible and accessible Internet. Its part is constantly growling, and soons may amount to 99% of the entire Internet, it is hidden from indexation search engines, bat its sites can be accessed by direct link.

At the same time, part of dark web is available only with the help of special software. There is a shelter of rather peculiar sites and personalites, implementing doubtful actions. Here you will be offered to buy weapons, drugs and other prohibited goods, here you can pay with cryptocurrency, here is full of crime andcybercrime.

How get to dark web?

The hidden Internet is into closed network, if you try to access its sites from regular browser, you will be informed that there is no site. Most dark web sites have the site extension .onion, such sites are opened with the help of Tor browser, working on the basis of onion routing. Using Tor allows you to hide your online activity, thus keeping your privacy. Criminal circles of society use that, they learned the dark side of the Internet to embody their criminal plans.

For acquaintance with dark web, you only have to download and install the Tor browser, the installation instuctions are available on our website in this section. Some links may not be working, because sites often make new domains to their resources.

The list of the most famous sites in dark web

In dark web you can find many different sites, the main part of them are forums, libraries, trading platforms, blogs, in general allready known to us types of sites, only the most of them having prohibited theme of the site. We strongly do not recommend you to buy anything on such resources, because you will be partner in a criminal transaction, and of course it’s not necessary to disclose your identity to other users on such sites.

 Well, here ‘s my list of dark websites:
 1. Not Evil
 If you want to find something interesting on the dark web, we advise you to use this searcher. It contains more than 16 million Tor sites.
 2. Versus market
The trading platform is gaining steam. The Versus market has come to replace the already closed famous site Alphabet, and offers the same goods that were once on Alphabet (drugs, electric goods, hacked accounts, credit cards)
 3. Confident Mail
If you looking for anonymous e-mail, this site is for you. This mail differs from the usual one in that it uses a special encryption method to send messages, which gives you the ability to have an anonymous dialogue with other users.
 4. Anonymous forum
The forum of hacking theme, if you want to learn more about theme of hacking systems, we advise to visit this forum.
 5. Onion pharma
Do you want to buy drugs without a prescription? Then you ‘re here! One of the major markets for selling rare medicines that you will not be able to buy at a regular pharmacy. The store has earned the trust of many customers.
 6. Wikileak
A very famous information portal that moved to the dark web after the scandal. If you want to learn the latest news in the field of information leakage, hacks, fraud, then we highly recommend visiting this site.
 7. Hacking
Do you need to order hacking services? Then you go to this site. This platform is freelance exchange of hacking services (elimination of competitors, any software to order, viruses and so on).
 8. Euro Guns

Leader of gun sales sites. Here you can purchase almost any type of weapon with free delivery anywhere in the world. Payment is in

 9. Mobile store
Store for the sale of unlocked smartphones. In this store you can buy a good phone for a penny, sellers offer the newest and most expensive phones for 40-50% of their real value. Payment is only in bitcoins.
10. RealHosting
Anonymous hosting that is located in the Tor network. This hosting has good abuzo resistance, so on its servers you can host absolutely any content, including prohibited topics. The cost of an annuall server lease is 20 000$, which is not a small amount, it is a price of hosting ignoring of any complaints to your site.